Our team at Analytics Tensor conduct research based on business and market tread to evaluate the right tools to support your business. We perform wide range of analytics on multiple domains such as health care, finance, banking, retail, etc. to provide the right solution either through data management or technology stack. Our research and analytics includes understanding business challenges and problems, and providing best standard industrial solutions through open-source or self-build software packages. Some of our managed services include:

  • Analyze, Design, and Deploy an application based on business needs.
  • Identify maintainable and security proven software to secure the application.
  • Parallelize data processing pipeline.
  • Design and Implement application on all major cloud service provider.
  • Support and integrate open source platform and vendors applications.
Information Technology:
  • We help to craft and automate data pipeline using modern tools and technology.
  • We use standard data analytics tools to analyze and process data.
  • We use data visualization to monitor and report the business insights.
  • We implement SQL/NoSQL database to store both structured and unstructured data.
  • We implement ELK stack for searching and indexing wide range of documents.
  • We help to migrate and integrate cloud solutions on your existing application.
Data Science:
We use machine learning and deep learning for analyzing and processing complex structured and unstructured data. Our expertise:
  • We help to build semantics layer processing massive amount of Natural Language.
  • We help to build text crawler, text parser, and text analyzer.
  • We help to predict and forecast business decision.
  • We help to build echo system for processing genomic data for life science.
  • We help to build speech recognition engine.
  • We help to build images classification and categorization engine.


We provide great skill talent consultant to solve your complex business problem. Choosing the experienced candidate helps to resolve the issue and accomplish the project on time.


Our skilled and experience software engineers and architects will design the software based on modern framework in agile methodology. We had successfully implemented and migrated monolithic application to modern microservice application by using standard and best practice software design patterns. We deliver highly secured application on projected deadline.


The technology is changing quickly where we cannot track all the tools and skill for the modern job market. Our expertise instructor with real-world experience will provide training based on your needs. We offer both on-site and online training. Click to learn more about courses.